The Silver Rush is on!

We’re at the start of a new precious metals bull market, and SILVER is on fire.

It’s up 25% since late February.

But that’s nothing compared to silver stocks.

The average silver stock has gained 40%, while the average junior silver stock is up 44%.

Have a look…

You could hardly ask for a more bullish setup.

And yet, we’re really only getting started.

Subscribers to my Silver Stock Investor newsletter have done even better lately.

But when I analyzed our recent returns, the results blew my mind.

Here’s why…

You see the biggest move, so far, has been mostly in the medium-sized silver miners.

By comparison, junior silver companies haven’t rallied anywhere near as much…yet.

Have a look.

The top three larger stocks are up 62% - 98% in just six weeks, while the bottom three junior stocks are “only” up 29% - 34%.

The thing is, in silver bull markets, junior silver miners and explorers outpace both silver and large silver miners.

That means you still have time to get in and ride this explosive silver rally. And I mean explosive.

What can we expect?

Just have a look at the last silver rally.

Back in 2016, over just the first 7 months, silver gained 40%.

In that same time, larger silver companies did much better, up 246%.

But the average silver junior stock blasted higher by 345% in just 7 months.

That’s not a typo.

So I’m gearing up and preparing my subscribers for this next run.

I expect many of my silver stocks to gain 500%, and even up to 1,000%, during this massive bull run.

It’s happened numerous times before, and it’s happening again now.

The SILVER BULL MARKET is lifting off the launch pad.

You still have time to participate, but that window is closing quickly.

Do you want to know which silver stocks have the best potential?

Don’t miss this opportunity.

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Get real-time research and picks.

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